Photo Interview with Akeem Pierre

1) Tell us about yourself


My name is Akeem Pierre. I am an economics student in 4th year at Thompson Rivers University and currently doing anexchange at Universidad de la Sábana in Bogotá, Colombia. I chose to go do an exchange in Colombia because it is a big country offering variety in every aspect of living, from cuisine to culture to language and more.

2) What has been your favourite documented memory so far?


It has to be Villa de Leyva: from 4×4…ing in the desert to hanging out with the ostriches. Such a cool place it is 🙂

3) What is your favourite thing you’ve discovered about your university?

imageDefinitely the Restaurants: from a specialty wok to Colombian food cafeteria style all for less than $5. Yum! Yum!

4) What is the most interesting place/thing/way of doing you’ve discovered so far in your host country?


The Colombian hustle: you can buy whatever you want whenever you want. Such as candy, snacks and more in classroom!

5) Your first friend abroad!


Andres and Alex: great people to know out here. They know where all the cool places are 🙂

6) Why should one Study Abroad?

imageThere’s a whole world out there to be discovered. So why not do it when you are young with like-minded people?

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