16 tips I wish I knew prior to my trip to Australia…

  1. For all those hot sauce lovers…there is no hot sauce!! I recommend bringing a small bottle of your own; however they do love sweet chili sauce and put it on EVERYTHING. Do not try and ask the Australians where you can get hot sauce because they will respond “you mean sweet chili sauce?”image
  2. You may see local Australians walking around town without shoes on. Do not try and be a hippy like the locals, it will simply burn the bottom of your feet.image
  3. Wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy. Australia is located on a very thin part of the ozone layer and even when it doesn’t seem that hot outside you will still get burnt.image
  4. Check out as many view points as you can while you are there. Overseeing the beautiful beaches and landscapes never gets old.image
  5. Eat a 30 cent ice cream cone from McDonalds. It’s a refreshing snack on a hot day, and cheap enough to make a travelers budget.image
  6.  Swim with Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef. Then brag about it to all your friends at home.image
  7.  When you find a giant spider in your room scream and run away until someone else deals with it.image
  8.  Always carry a deck of cards with you. It will save your life.image
  9. Ensure you wear a “rashy” when you try surfing, otherwise you will literally get a rash. You may think the terminology sounds kind of funny, but you won’t be laughing when you have a full body rash. Wet suits work great too.image
  10. Be safe and swim between the flags, or else you will get swept out by a rip and eaten by a shark. Well more likely that you will be taken away from a rip.image
  11. Try kangaroo while you are there. It seems weird eating kangaroo but a kangaroo steak is quite tasty. Especially with some of that sweet chili sauce on there.image
  12. Do not try and fight the humidity…it will always win. No matter how much hair product or time you spend straightening your hair the humidity will turn it back into lion hair. Carrying those extra belongings around is dead weight, so don’t even bother.image
  13. Take advantage of the free bbqs at the beach. Who wouldn’t want to sit and eat a burger and watch the sunset with great friends at the beach?image
  14. Find hostels that give away free meals. They aren’t the best meals but anything free tastes good. Let’s be honest, we don’t travel Australia for all of the “good food”, we go to Australia for the beaches!image
  15. Veggie-mite is something worth trying once, however it is nothing like our peanut butter or Nutella”image
  16. Enjoy every moment while you are there, even when the weather is bad. Australia is an awesome place to travel to you will not regret it!image

Written By: Sheanna More (TRU Study Abroad Ambassador 2013-2014) Southern Cross University: Lismore, Australia 

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