TRU Global Competency Certificate – What is it? What are the benefits? How can I earn it!?

Visit our Study Abroad Ambassador of the week Kiera Ayres’ Global Competency Portfolio to see her Study Abroad Experience!

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What Is It?

The Thompson Rivers University Global Competency Certificate is a certificate that formally recognizes students for their international and intercultural experiences, knowledge, skills, and steps taken towards becoming a globalized citizen.

  • Can be earned while in any program at TRU (either undergraduate or graduate).
  • One credit course where a portfolio must be completed (GLBL 1000).
  • Graduates have up to one year after graduation to complete their application for Global Competency.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Receive documented proof of your intercultural awareness, experiences, and attitudes of a globally-minded citizen.
  • Your portfolio will highlight all of your relevant and valuable experiences for employers to see
  • Acknowledged with a certificate upon graduation and have it formally noted on your transcript

How Do I Earn It?

  • Attend an Information Session on the Program
    • Send an e-mail to Julie Taylor or call (250) 371-5996 if you have further questions or for more information
    • Sign up for GLBL 1000 course
    • Earn a minimum of 12 points in 2 or more categories
      • Study Abroad = 5 points in the International Experiences category!
      • Check out the link for Categories and Points
      • Document your experiences in a portfolio

Check out the TRU Global Competency Website for more details:

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