Five Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Central/Eastern Europe

Countries located in Central and Eastern Europe may not be on many people’s radar as a possible location for studying abroad. However, there are awesome destinations in CE Europe that have a lot to offer students! Here are five reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Central/Eastern Europe:

1.   It’s Beautiful


Hungarian Parliament, Budapest


Wroclaw, Poland

Central/Eastern Europe is home to some beautiful tourist destinations, such as Prague, Krakow, Budapest, and Bratislava. Even in smaller cities, you can find gorgeous architecture and charming city centres. CE Europe also boasts a large number of stunning castles, such as Poland’s Malbork castle, and gorgeous natural scenery, such as the Tatras Mountains.

2.   The Food



Central/Eastern European countries are home to incredibly delicious food. Some notable delicacies are: Pierogies (Poland/Ukraine); Goulash (Czech Republic/Hungary); Borscht (Ukrainian, but can be found all over Eastern Europe); Potato pancakes (Poland/Ukraine/Czech Republic); and sausage (incredibly popular in all CE countries). Eating out is also popular in CE Europe, and a wide variety of restaurants serving cuisine from cultures around the world can be found. People from CE Europe also love their sweets, including ice cream, pastries, cakes, and chocolate. No matter where you go there will be delicious food for you to try!

3. Its Location


CE Europe is not isolated from the rest of Europe, and it’s incredibly easy to travel to other countries. Countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary are located in the heart of Europe, making destinations such as Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans, and further east to Russia and Turkey just a short journey away. Traveling to other destinations from CE Europe is also inexpensive thanks to buses, trains, and budget flights.

4. It’s Cheap


Studying in Central/Eastern Europe is a good way to study in Europe without breaking the bank. The cost of living, even in large cities, is generally quite low compared to Canada. In Wroclaw, Poland, a week’s worth of groceries for one person can cost around $30. Eating out can also be inexpensive. In Poland, small restaurants called bars sell meals or around 8 zloty (under $3 Canadian) and drinks for 2 zloty (less than $1 Canadian). Transportation is also quite inexpensive; a two-way bus ticket from Wroclaw to Berlin costs around $40 Canadian. If you budget wisely, you can definitely save money while studying in Central Europe.

5. It’s Fun!


Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland

No matter the time of year, there are lots of activities and things to do in Central/Eastern Europe! CE Europe has gorgeous landscapes and lots of outdoor parks. It is popular to visit small resort towns (such as Smokovec, Slovakia) located in the mountains for skiing, snowboarding, or hiking. CE Europe also has beautiful beaches, such as in Gdansk, Poland. City centres are always bustling with activity. In the winter, cities have gorgeous Christmas markets where you can buy gifts and special food. In the warmer months, there’s lots of performers and music festivals, such as the Heineken Open’er in Gdansk which has featured Mumford & Sons, Outkast, Kings of Leon, and A$AP Rocky.

Studying in Central/Eastern Europe is extremely rewarding experience. It is home to gorgeous cities and landscapes, interesting history and culture, and fun activities to do all year round. Even if you do not study in Central/Eastern Europe, you should definitely pay a visit!

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