5 best free apps to have when traveling while abroad

You have already made a big move by deciding to go abroad! So why not make a few more and go explore some other beautiful places while you’re there.  Traveling around Europe quickly became my favourite hobby and these apps helped me travel Europe cheap and therefore, often!  However, most are applicable to wherever your exchange may have taken you!


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1- SkyScanner

 Helps find the cheapest flights and links to booking sites. Plus, it is incredibly flexible with its searches, you scan monthly prices, or scan a variety of cities in a country or even a variety of countries! It is really easy and fun to play around with and inspiring when it comes to weekend or break trip planning!


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2-XE currency

A tool for the confusing money exchange rates which is very helpful traveling to different countries for a short stay! Plus, its ideal feature: it works without wifi!  So you will know exactly how much that must-have souvenir from your weekend in Prague will cost you.


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3- Hostel World

Do not shy away from hostels! They are the best for meeting new people and Hostel World is the easiest way to find and book your accommodation, and includes numerous reliable reviews for each hostel.


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4- GoEuro

Specific to Europe.  Choose your start and end destinations, and GoEuro will find the various travel options for you which can be sorted by price or length of journey etc.


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All those confirmation emails from airlines, bus lines, hostels and whatever else can all be forwarded to this incredible app.  TripIt organizes all these in one place, and will set you up with countdown to upcoming trips, check in/out times, maps etc. A serious life saver, traveling can be stressful at times but having everything in one place can help alleviate some of that stress.


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That’s it! These are all free apps and all are based on my personal preference, but I highly recommend them all so go explore!

Happy travels!

Cheers, Madi

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