3 Reasons Why Every Student Should Write About Their Travels

They say that travelling is the only thing in this world that makes you richer, and it’s true. Travelling is so much more than an experience – travelling is a journey, not just for one instance of your life, but throughout your entire life. The lessons you learn, people you meet and memories you make shape you into a better, more dynamic version of yourself.  You truly discover who you are when you wander, and uncover a deeper understanding of the ways of the world and the millions of people that make it unique.

If I’ve learnt anything from my travels, it’s that you begin to slowly forget the memories you’ve made around the world. As sad as it is, it’s true. After your adventure is over, and real life beings to settle in, the small moments from your travels begin to become as distant as the country you left. It happens to all of us, but have no fear, for there is a solution – writing it all down.

I’ve managed to document the majority of my adventures in a journal and some parts in a  blog. I will share with you three reasons why you should start documenting your travels too.

1) It’s easy!
You don’t need to be the next J.K Rowling or Steven King – write, type, or film, blog – it’s up to you! This doesn’t just have to be written stories either; I’ve doodled, dirtied, attached ticket stubs and even maps in some of my journals. When I didn’t have my journal with me, I would jot a few notes in my phone and type the rest when I got a chance. The best part about it, is that you can control who reads or views your journal entries, if you choose to show anyone at all.


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2) It’s free!
There are tons of different sites that allow you to create your own travel blog: wordpress.com, travelblog.org, etc. If you choose to write it down, all you need is a notebook. There are a bunch of different companies and organizations that run blog contests as well. Check out these ones!


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3) It helps you reflect and grow!
The single greatest aspect of writing everything down, is that you get to re-live your own adventure. There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting down, years later and reading about your own story. Document your time, make mistakes, learn lessons, meet new people, laugh, smile, live, breathe and re-live all those moments through your own words. You learn about the person you were at that time and it’s always great saying to yourself “oh right, I forgot that happened!”.


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So my dear friends, wherever in the world you wind up going, I urge you to pack a pen and paper. Write on.


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