How to stay connected AFTER your exchange

1. Attend Study Abroad Events

a) Seeing Faces, Trading Places- Where you can meet other students going on exchange, here from another university, or have studied abroad before. The event is hosted by study abroad ambassadors, and there is always tasty food provided 🙂


b) Fundraising events- Throughout the year, study abroad ambassadors put on fundraising events to raise money for the Study Abroad Legacy Award- an award of $500 given out to a student heading on exchange! Fundraisers also help out ambassadors with presenting at internationally focussed conferences, such as the CBIE (Canadian Board of International Education) where they promoted the Study Abroad program at TRU to other universities and educators! In the photo below are some ambassadors from 2015 attending the CBIE conference in Niagra Falls with Lian Dumouchel, the Director of Global Engagement at TRU!


2. Become a Study Abroad Ambassador!

a) You can work with other past exchange students, and promote the program to other students!

b) You get to contribute to the study abroad program and help o

thers apply to go on exchange.

c) It looks great on your resume, and you get to work with some awesome people!


3. Sign up for intercultural events, like International Days!

International days is “an opportunity to share culture, international experience, research and interests while celebrating TRU’s international community and international collaborations.” If you haven’t checked out IDays yet, be sure to check out the schedule and events schedule for this year! Information can be found at the university’s website:


Photo from: Kim Anderson, taken from Thompson Rivers University website (IDays 2015)

4. Volunteer or join a club on campus!

This not only looks great on your resume, but keeps you active with involved and interested students who share common interests and goals as you do. Check out these awesome groups and clubs on campus and within Kamloops:

TRUSU International Club

TRUSU Spanish Conversation Club


Volunteer Kamloops

Kamloops Rotary Club

Check out more at: , or check out the annual Clubs Day that the TRU Students Union organizes!


5. Get your Global Competency Certificate!

What’s Global Competency? Simply a way to showcase your international and intercultural skills, knowledge, and understanding, acknowledged by a TRU awarded certificate and designation on your transcript! (Ahem, yet another resume booster ;))

Check out the details here:

6. Go on another exchange! 

You can go on up two semesters abroad, and they can be in different places! Why not learn more about the world and yourself by completing another exchange? Check our new website for more information:


AND follow us on Facebook and Instagram for continuous updates, opportunities, and contests! Just find us under trustudyabroad 🙂


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