Photo Interview with Monique Lynn

1) Tell us about yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Monique Lynn and I am undertaking Bachelor of Business Administration at Thompson Rivers University with a major in Human Resources. Currently, I am doing a study abroad semester at L’Université Catholique de Lyon in Lyon, France. I chose to go here because I did French Immersion in High School so it was a good opportunity to hone my French, as well as they had upper level business courses that fit into my degree and didn’t delay my graduation.

2) What has been your favourite documented memory so far? 

I recently travelled with a friend, during our week-long break, to London, Munich, and Salzburg. Not enough time!!!

3) What is your favorite thing you’ve discovered about your university?

Learning can occur “outside” of the classroom. My university organizes cultural activities like wine tasting, dinner with a French family, castle touring, and cooking classes.

4) How is the learning environment at your university?

All of the classes I am taking are part of the International Business Program. The learning experience is very unique because you have the input of many different cultures for discussions in the classroom. Class style tend to be more lecture based, except for my Art & Architecture course, where we get to do field trips around the city! There are a few campus buildings around the city, however most of my classes are held in the Place Carnot area.

5) What is the most interesting place/thing/way of doing you’ve discovered so far in your host country?

Transportation is more efficient in Europe. For a reasonable price you can go by train/plane/boats/ferries almost anywhere! Makes day trips easy!

6) Your first friend abroad!

I didn’t necessarily have “one” first friend – I had many! Here are a few of us eating lunch beside our school.

7) Why should one Study Abroad?

You get to live in another part of the world, as a local, while finishing your degree! My only regret is not doing 2 semesters abroad!

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