Study Cafés in Seoul, Korea

Study Café? You heard it right! 

When you hear study and café together in a sentence, your mind goes wondering how it’s possible to have your favourite pumpkin spice latte and study in a quiet place at the same time. Wouldn’t you be scrolling your Facebook feed rather than focus on schoolwork? Well, if you choose South Korea as your study broad destination, Koreans will definitely inspire you to spend lots of time next to your books.  

Libraries are always full, and the coffee aroma never leaves its walls. But for us students who travel and study across the globe, we may want to take a break and take in different scenery.  

Here are the best study cafes I have found in Seoul!  

The 1st Penguin

This café is filled with single tables and is in total support of people who are going solo! It has books, coffee, great baked goodies and, well… penguins. The name does it justice. 

May Island 

May Island is an excellent choice for both individual and group studying. It’s homelike, yet it has a highly creative atmosphere that helps you to better focus on studying. May Island gives you a lot of study space options to pick from  including an airplane seat.


Cafe Alver 

With its bare walls, simple style, Danish modern seating, a pleasant atmosphere, and a few eye-catching things here and there… Café Alver is great for studying and, well, more studying! Make sure you try the red velvet and carrot cake; you deserve a treat while studying. 



Important Note

 In all cafes, you will have to buy a coffee that may seem a bit pricier than usual. This is because it includes a fee from the coffee-shop for taking up the space for a certain amount of time. 




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