8 Tips to Prevent & Prepare for Getting Lost When Abroad

  • 1.)Memorize the address for your home, hostel, Air Bnb etc.  Knowing where your home is important to know off by heart.  For instance, if you end up lost somewhere, you can clearly communicate how to get home.  If you are in an area where you do not speak the native language, having the correct address written on a piece of paper or having a note on your phone can work as well. 
  • 2.) Carry around cash in the currency of where you are 
    Now this doesn’t have to be a large amount of money, but just enough to get your-self out of a bind if needed.  This could be used to pay a cab ride home or buy a snack to fight off those hangry craves.   
    3.) Have a data plan in your host country 
    Being able to use maps, Google, iMessaging etc. at the touch of a button on your phone is ideal.  Technology is incredible and being able to see exactly where you are and where you need to go. 
    4.) Keep a rechargeable battery 
    A rechargeable phone battery can be your life-saver in a little box.  There is absolutely nothing worse that having a phone that has 0 charge left on it. 
    5.) Use the buddy system – don’t go alone!  
    Or tell a friend or housemate what you plan is, where are you going and approximately when will you be back.  
    6.) Take note of your surroundings
    Keep a mental note of surrounding street names, cool shops, historical monuments etc.  This can help you gain an understanding for your surroundings.  
    7.) Have a translation App 
    If you are in a country that speaks a different language, translation apps are great resources to use for communicating with locals.
    8.) Enjoy the Adventure 
    Getting lost in a new setting can be inevitable.  However, the adventure you may find yourself on could be a great story to tell or you could find.   

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