Comfort In Chaos

Do you ever just end up lost, like so lost you feel a little suffocated?  You took the wrong bus and don’t know where to go.  All you have is yourself and your plat formed boots to find your way home.  People from every social class scattered a long the way, some in a rush and others with nowhere at all to go.  There’s buildings and concrete towers, is there people up there working that 9-5 to make ends meet?  You look up and see the sun beaming down, it’s the same sun as the one at home.  You’re safe.  You take a deep breath and smell pasties (a pastry filled with anything from cheese to vegetables to meat) from the Gregg’s down the street.  How good would a sausage roll be right now?  You can smell tobacco smoke and pollution, smells utterly disgusting.  Cigarette butts line the streets creating clutter; it’s disorderly and unorganized.  Brick buildings come to life with colors of spray paint creating graffiti art.  This is Manchester.  Creatistic and simply astounding in it’s own way of chaos.  You walk into a shop, room after room after room of thrifted finds, trinkets and clothing.  A hipster’s dream.  It’s a way of life that’s more concentrated than the one you are used too.  Filled with difference and diversity.  The comfort zone is your home but there’s a newfound comfort here.  It’s time to step out and experience unfamiliarity.  There’s power in taking risks and being open to the opportunities that life have is store for you.  You will never know what’s out there to explore until you go.  The world can be unfamiliar and the risk of getting lost can persuade you different, but the outcome will be worth it.  Either you take a chance and risk getting on the wrong bus or you miss out entirely on the adventure.  What are you waiting for?     

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