The Study Abroad Ambassador Program: Why You Should Apply!

You studied abroad and had a great experience… now what? One way to continue your experience is to become a Study Abroad Ambassador. Here are six reasons you should apply!

1. Continue your experience by telling your stories to students looking to go abroad.

When you come home from studying abroad you have so many stories you want to share. You saw so many new places, met so many new people, and when you come back you’re a new person! But friends and family get tired of stories about your “trip”—which wasn’t a trip it was moving to another country for months it’s not the same. As an ambassador you get to keep telling those stories because you’ll meet students interested in studying abroad who want to hear about your experience. Your fellow ambassadors are also a support group of people who never get tired of hearing about your stories because they have stories to tell too!

2. Build confidence and public speaking skills.

If you love public speaking then you’ll love being an ambassador! If you aren’t as confident public speaking and want to improve, the program will help you build your skills too! As an ambassador, part of your ambassador training includes a public speaking workshop, and throughout the year you’ll have lots of opportunities to use what you learn. By the time April comes you’ll have the skills and confidence to take on whatever presentation or speaking opportunity comes your way.

3. Work effectively in a team.

Being a Study Abroad Ambassador means being part of a team (or as we like to think of it, a contractual friendship). Being a Study Abroad Ambassador can help you build the teamwork skills employers look for, and you gain great examples to pull from for interviews. Unlike most group projects you’ve been a part of in school, this group is a lot more fun, productive, and there aren’t any grades. Plus we have matching golf shirts so you know it’s going to be a good time!

4. Be a part of a community on campus through peer mentorship.

School is a lot more fun when you’re involved on campus, and as an ambassador you get to be a peer mentor giving back to TRU. It’s making connections, networking, and giving back to your university. These connections help open doors with finding more opportunities on campus, from volunteering at other events to getting a job on campus!

5. The program is always changing, let your voice be a part of that.

You’ve been there, you’ve gone through the process, and now you can help make it better! The study abroad program is always trying to improve and the Study Abroad Ambassadors are a huge part of that change. Being part of the team means bringing your voice to the program and improving it to make it better for future students and ambassadors. With your help, maybe we can even make credit transfer easy (or at least we can dream).

6. There’s a $2000 scholarship for the year.

If you came back from studying abroad with a drained bank account—you were living your best life abroad it happens—the program can help! Or if you stayed on budget (teach us your ways), you probably won’t turn away a scholarship either. As an ambassador you’ll get $2000 for all the work you do!

Sounds like something you want to be a part of? Go to to learn more about the program and how to apply. Deadline to apply is July 11th!

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