Meet The Team

Devin is a 4th year Computing Science student who spent a full year abroad in Tokyo, Japan. She has been an Ambassador since her return in 2016. Devin mainly studied Japanese language abroad and loved every second of it. When her hands aren’t glued to a keyboard, you can find her next to the nearest cat or coffee shop.

Natalie is a 4th year BBA student majoring in Human Resource Management. She has studied abroad twice spending the Winter 2017 semester at the University of Wrocław in Wrocław, Poland, and a short term summer semester at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea in 2018. Natalie has had the chance to travel to 23 countries in three different continents. While abroad she loved exploring the cities she lived in, learning about different cultures, and spending afternoons drinking coffee.

Ben is a 3rd year Bachelor of Social Work student. He studied abroad in the Fall 2017 semester at Universidad de Vina del Mar in Vina del Mar, Chile. He the opportunity to travel to nine different countries across South America while abroad. Some of his highlights were exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, swimming with turtles off the Ecuadorian coast and hiking through the remote terrain of Patagonia.

Briana is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in Accounting. She studied at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt in Wiener Neustadt, Austria for the 2015 Fall semester. While there she was about to travel to 10 different countries and attend cultural festivals such as Oktoberfest. By going abroad, Briana was able to meet different people from all over Europe and make connections that allowed her to visit Europe again this summer while backpacking. For fun, she enjoys kayaking, golfing, and hiking in her spare time.

Aliesha is a 3rd year student studying Sociology and Language in the Bachelor of Arts program. She studied aboard in Tokyo, Japan for one semester. She got to see the fleeting cherry blossoms bloom, and eat the best sushi she had ever tried. She fell in love with the unique culture of Japan, and enjoyed immersing herself in a new country. While abroad Aliesha had the chance to experience the ancient history of Japan, as well as the urban modern side. She got to make so many wonderful friends, both Japanese and international. It was an experience she will never forget. She’s so excited to help other students study abroad, and have the time of their lives!

Sarah is a 4th year arts student majoring in English and minoring in History. Her academic goals include pursuing a job in the education field, teaching abroad and working towards a master’s degree! She studied abroad at the university of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan Italy in the 2018 winter semester. Sarah was fortunate to travel to 11 different countries during her semester. She enjoyed learning about Italian history and the language, trying different foods and exploring different cultures. Sarah is excited work with and help students embark on the unforgettable journey of studying abroad!

Amy is a 3rd year Bachelor of Business Administration Student. She studied at La Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, in Barcelona, Spain for the full year of 2017/2018. During her year abroad, Amy was able to travel around many parts of Spain, as well as to 7 different countries in Europe. One of her favourite aspects of studying abroad was being able to meet many people from different nationalities and cultures. In Barcelona she really enjoyed spending afternoons walking through the city, trying new foods, and going for picnics on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea. She is so grateful for this experience, and wants to encourage other students to go abroad as well!

Jordan is a 4th year business student majoring in Marketing. In the Winter 2018 semester, she got the opportunity to study abroad in Plymouth, England at Plymouth University. There, she found a love for the beautiful South Coast and got to embrace the British culture around her. While abroad, she also got to explore her passion for photography throughout her travels in Europe.

Sarah Cowger is a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in psychology. She studied psychology at the University of Salford Manchester, Winter 2018. Through Sarah’s high school and university career she has travelled to Nepal, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, France and the United States. While abroad she loved learning about and living in new cultures. Sarah enjoys black coffee, poetry and cheeky British banter.

Taylor is a 4th year science student majoring in cellular, molecular and microbial biology. She studied abroad at Curtin university in Perth Western Australia for the 2018 winter semester. While abroad she got to take exciting courses including; commercialization of biotechnology and medical microbiology. When not in class Taylor spent her time soaking up the sun at Scarborough beach, learning how to surf (aka falling down a lot), watching sun sets at the Foreshore and having picnics in Kings Park. Taylor says she would do it all again in a heart beat.

Karie has worked at Thompson Rivers University since 2004 and has taken on a variety of roles including ISAP Coordinator, International Training Centre Coordinator, Marketing Events Coordinator and a wide range of projects including supporting roles with the Opening Celebrations of TRU, International Days and pathway school recruitment initiatives. Since 2011 Karie has been working within the Study Abroad Mobility office within TRU. Karie has extensive experience in student ambassador program development, risk management, and mobility and international academic development programming. Karie values student engagement within the classroom and beyond, yet really values the learning students gain from experiential learning. The combination of learning within the classroom and experiences beyond contribute to richer personal development.  

Heather has worked for TRU as a Community Coordinator, Advisor, Researcher, and Sessional Instructor. In 2016, Heather became the inaugural International, Disability and Graduate Student Support Coordinator for the Faculty of Law where she helped to develop a peer mentorship program for international exchange law students. In 2018, Heather took on her current role as the Mobility Officer, International Student Exchange and Bilateral Partnerships with TRU World. Heather enjoys travelling and has been to England, Ireland, Germany, Guatemala, Qatar, South Africa and various places in the United States. Some of her most memorable travel moments are climbing Lion’s Head in Cape Town and exploring the Caves of Rey Marcos in Coban.